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How Car Keys are Made

Sep 10, 2015 | 0 comments

There are many simple things in life that we may not know how they actually come to be made. One of these things is car keys. We use them every day, as well as many other types of keys, but have you ever actually taken the time to think of what goes into the process of making them? Every key is different and it is what helps to keep security in place. You cannot use your car key for your house, and vice versa. This keeps each safe, as someone cannot just stick any key in a lock and open the door. But car keys are different in the fact that the key has to go into a both a door, and the ignition. So how are they made?

When a manufacturer makes the car, of any model, they will take a mold of the locks in the car, and the ignition. When this is done, they will then send it off to the dealership who will be selling the car. When the dealership retrieves it, the person in charge will have to look up the VIN in a database from the manufacturer. After they do this, they will actually receive a key code that will later be used to make the key.

With this key code, the dealership will have to input it into a machine. But before this can happen, they must take the mold that was sent to them by the dealership, place it in the machine that will make the keys, and then put the key code into the machine. In the end, the machine will cut the key into the specific shape with all the cuts and grooves. The machine knows this due to the code and the mold that was sent from the manufacturer.

All of this is easily done with computers nowadays and it makes for the whole process to run smoother and faster than it would have before. The dealership will then be able to make multiple keys if that is what the customer wants, because they will have the mold already there, with the key code. If a driver is ever in the position of needing another key, due to loss or theft, they will have to get that key from the dealership that they bought the car from. This is for security reasons and as they are the only ones who carry the correct VIN, they are the only ones who can make them. Making car keys is unique to other keys and now you can say that you know how it is done.


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