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Car Keys Programming

Nov 15, 2015 | 0 comments

Over the years car makers and manufacturers have been implementing a variety of advanced technology to make car theft less of a risk. Most of this technology revolves around the key component of a car. Keys which were typically inserted into a key slot on the doors to unlock the car and then inserted into the ignition slot to start the car have transitioned into smart keys and remote start devices that make it harder for others to steal your car. Though these advancements are better for your car’s security they can be a hassle if your keys are lost, damaged or need to be replaced. Having a reliable locksmith that is knowledgeable about how to reprogram, repair and replace these key devices can get you back in your car much sooner.

When You Will Need A Locksmith For Key Programming:

With the newer model of cars being manufactured most are not using the standard keys that once were able to be replaced or copy by visiting your local locksmith. Now, most cars require a chip, program or touch key code pad the unlock or start your car. If your car does not come equipped with the advanced locking and starting devices you can also take the extra precaution to purchase and instal them yourself in you car. These can be costly to fix and repair when you unable to unlock or start your car. Some common reasons you would need to call a locksmith for assistance with these “smart” key replacements include:

  • Damaged to the key fob.

  • Key breaks off in ignitions.

  • Lost or stolen keys.

  • Malfunction with the chip devices.

  • Keys locked in the car.

When any number of these things happen it can leave you without your car for a long period of time. A car key programming locksmith however can have you back in your car and on the road in little time than having to have it towed to a dealership for repair or replacement.


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