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Did you have a tenant move out of a  rental property and not return the keys? Are you looking to upgrade the security of your home or business with a new set of high security locks? Whether you just want Steel Locksmith to remove the lock cylinder to change the pins or you want brand new locks installed, one call will solve all your lock problems today. We will change locks, rekey locks, or install new locks based on what you need.

We Will Meet Your Residential Lock Changing Needs

Over the course of 10 years, there could be 10 or more different households that have called a specific rental property their own. Those are 10 or more people who may still have keys to get into that home. If the rental gets put up for sale and a lockbox is placed on the knob, there is even more security exposure to the property. If you purchase that property, how will you know that you are truly safe?
Even when there is a security system installed, there is a good chance that previous tenants know the codes.
Any time a home goes through a change of possession, it is important to change locks or rekey locks to ensure the safety of the property. Not changing or rekeying your locks gives everyone an open invitation who has had previous access to the home.

Commercial Locations Benefit From Changing Locks

The same rules of changing locks or rekeying locks also applies to Wichita commercial locations. If a tenant has run their business out of a specific location for some time and then decides to move, they may retain access to that property by keeping a key or two. By eliminating this risk, the property becomes a better leasing option.
Our mobile locksmith services will come to your commercial location and evaluate the situation. At Steel Locksmith, our goal is to make sure your business can be as responsive as possible so you can be profitable. We will quickly rekey locks or change them out as necessary. We can install new high security locking solutions that will help to improve the security profile of your building.

Why Hire a Professional Locksmith?

You could purchase a lock rekeying kit from the local hardware store. You can also change your own locks out if you want with just a few tools and supplies. The difference is that 24/7 Steel Locksmith has the knowledge and experience to make sure no damage occurs during the installation. If something should happen and the lock fail because of a faulty personal installation, insurance companies could try to come after you for losses that are suffered.

At 24/7 Steel Locksmith, we will change locks or rekey locks for a surprisingly affordable price. Have confidence in the fact that our skilled locksmiths will get the job done correctly the first time around. If your Wichita, KS home or business requires assistance, then contact us today about your lock needs. We will make sure your doors are as secure as you need them to be.

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