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Jun 6, 2019 | 0 comments

Most Common Door Lock Problems

For every homeowner, they have an aim of having both their valuables and family members safe, and how can this be possible, if not by a door lock? It is common to see some persons ignore the fact that their door locks should be taken care of, and they should pay more attention to it.

It is important that you properly maintain your door locks, and when you notice an issue, you call a locksmith over to take a look at it. This prevents you from being locked out or your house being easy to get into.

We will look at some issues that door locks face and how to spot them. This allows you to get them fixed on time.

The key has broken in the lock, or it is now stuck inside.

When you notice that your key has broken in your lock, it is advisable that you contact a locksmith immediately to fix it.

If you notice that your key is now stuck in the lock because the door latch is misaligned or for any other reason, it is advisable not to forcefully turn it.

When it is turned forcefully, it could worsen to the key breaking in the locks.

At that moment, you may not have enough time, and you want to dash out for a meeting or an engagement, it is advisable to remain calm.

If you force it to turn, it will worsen. What you should immediately is to contact a locksmith to come and take out the key, then have the lock repaired.

Slow door locks

When you notice that your door locks have stiffened, it may be because of dirt accumulating over time in your door locks. When you notice that you have issues putting your key in the lock, it is important to call a locksmith. You can also decide to put a cotton swab in your lock to take out the dirt. Do it gently. If it doesn’t work, call a locksmith immediately.

If you haven’t been lubricating your lock, it is advisable that you use graphite spray on it. Don’t be the one that makes use of oil because they end up being clogged when the cold season comes.

Misaligned door latch

If your door latch is unable to strike the plate, the door won’t be able to lock or shut well. This issue is known to happen over time, and it may occur because it was improperly installed, or the hinges are screwed. It could also occur because of heat, or the weather is damp.

You can do the repairs yourself, but most times, it ends up worsening when you aren’t a certified locksmith.

It is advisable to call a locksmith to have it fixed immediately instead of worsening the situation.

The key can turn, but the lock isn’t working

If some parts of the door have fallen out or they are worn, it could lead to the key being able to move while in the lock, yet the knobs won’t be pushed. This isn’t a problem that can be fixed by DIY since it is a mechanical issue.

It is advised that you use a locksmith or someone that is an expert that knows how the door parts work.

If you notice that key doesn’t want to turn after you put it in the lock, you can have the keyhole lubricated with graphite spray. If it still doesn’t work, get a locksmith.

Faulty door mechanism

A lot of issues that doors face are mechanical and may turn faulty as they become old and wear out.

The old locks are known to have a pile of problems as a result of non-maintenance, and even too much usage.

When you notice this, Call Steel locksmith to get help.


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