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Purchasing High Security Keys and Locks

Mar 10, 2017 | 0 comments

Ultimate Guide When Purchasing High Security Keys and Locks

Ensuring the safety of your property and your family is essential. Aside from the installation of high security systems such as alarm and CCTV, you also need to consider replacing your outdated locks with high security keys and locks. However, there are too many brands of residential locks available in the market today and choosing the product that matches your needs may be overwhelming. To make the buying process painless and hassle-free, we decided to list some of the factors that you need to look into to make certain that you are choosing the finest items.

Things to Consider When Looking For High Security Keys and Locks

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when shopping for keys and locks.


The high security keys and locks that you will need will depend upon your goal. The functions of the locks will help you determine if it can fulfill your goal. When choosing on various brands, you need to check the security rating and grades. Grade 3 locks are commonly used for the doors inside the house. It has the lowest form of security. Grade-1 locks will provide your house with the highest level of security. They come with extra feature such as anti-theft which can discourage any unwanted access to your house.


After you successfully found the high security keys and locks that are suitable for your needs, you can now consider the aesthetic feature of the locks. Since you will be using it in your house, you want to make sure that it complements the interior design of your house. It is just too simple to find a lock that is secured and aesthetically pleasing. Find a product that matches the pattern of your door or your furniture.


How much are you willing to spend to upgrade your current locks to high security keys and locks? The Medeco and brands with similar caliber will be considerably expensive. In addition, you will have to employ the service of the professionals to have it installed. However, we highly encourage you to choose the premium brands since it can lower the premiums of your home insurance.

Finally, your high security keys and locks will mean nothing if the core of your door is weak. There is a great chance that the frame of the door can give way before an intruder even managed to open the door. Be sure to keep the core of your door sturdy and durable. The strike should be made from heavy-duty materials. The hinges should also be completely secured. Call the service of the professional locksmith to guarantee that your doors and entryways will keep your properties and family fully secured.


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