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Tips on How to Change the Locks

Nov 12, 2016 | 0 comments

The safety of your family and your property should never be compromised. With a fully-functioning door lock, you will be able to prevent any unwanted intrusion. Changing these locks will only take a small portion of your time, and the process is also fairly simple especially if you have the necessary tools and equipments. The steps below will help you in changing mortise and cylinder locks.

Prepare the Necessary Materials and Equipments

In case you are planning to replace the locks of your house for security reasons, simply replace the functioning parts to guarantee safety. The same concept will work appropriately for a mortise lock. Start by preparing these equipments:

  • New keys and levers (mortise)

  • Hammer

  • Junior hacksaw

  • Pliers

  • Locking wrench

  • Screwdrivers

Simple Steps to Change the Cylinder Locks

Remember that is relatively impractical to replace the cylinder lock in the event that you are replacing the latch that comes with the interior device. This method will work perfectly for those who own a simple latch framework.

  1. First thing you need to do is to remove the lock cover that can be found at the inner section of the door. Unscrew it with the help of the screwdriver. This will allow you to access and remove the screws that keep the cylinder in its place.

  1. Once you find that screw, unscrew it and gently pull it out. The connecting bar will normally go with it.

  1. Get your new cylinder locks. Observe that it also has a bar which is commonly divided into different segments. On the off chance that the bar’s length is disproportional with your old lock, use a hacksaw to cut it. Hold the new cylinder securely with the help of the locking wrench and cut it to the desired length.

  1. You also need to ensure that the screws have the same length. In case they are not, you will also need to trim them with the hacksaw. Put back your new cylinder into the hole and place back the screws to cover it again.

Steps to Change the Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are offered in diverse sizes and forms. When you are shopping for a replacement, it is recommended to take the old lock with you to avoid any issues.

  1. Remove the screws that can be found in the cover plate. Turn the key that will make the bolt shootout. Remove the key after doing this.

  1. Use pliers to get a grip on the projecting bolt, and then slide the lock out of the door.

  1. Get the new lock and put it into the slot. Screw it and cover it back with the plate. Test the key; make sure that it runs efficiently.

By following the steps that we provide to you, you will be able to change your locks successfully and keep your home secured.


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