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Tips from a Locksmith – How to Secure Your Home

Jan 21, 2017 | 0 comments

The incidence of burglaries is rampant in all parts of the world. Even in relatively safe countries, thieves break into houses on a daily basis. And that’s why it is important for you to secure your home. Below are some tips that will help improve the security of your home.

Secure the Doors

Around a third of burglars enter through the front door of the house. It is important to ensure that the frames of the doors are strong, wood is not hollow, and hinges are protected from the outside. Deadbolt locks are a must for front doors. You should also install a peephole to help make the door more secure. Consult a locksmith to know how to secure the doors of your home.

Install a Security System

It is important for your home to have some type of security system, whether it is just a camera or a fully monitored system. You should choose a security system that suits your needs. Some of the basic features include motion sensors for the windows and doors, alarm, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Know Your Neighbors

One thing you should do when you move to a new home is to go out and meet the neighbors. They know the area and can look out for unscrupulous people when you are away from home. However, they will not do this for you if you are not friendly with them. It is important to make an effort and develop a good relationship with those around you. That way you can rely on them when you need it the most.

Add Security Signs

Another way to deter burglars is to put up signs with security packages. Burglars are discouraged to break into a home with a security system, and they are always on the lookout for homes without one. By having a decal or a sign of a security system, you will be able to scare off unscrupulous people from your property.

Trim the Shrubs

Shrubs, trees, and bushes can provide burglars with places where they can hide signs of break-in. It is recommended to trim overgrown shrubs so that the doors, porches, and windows are visible to neighbors and other people.

Cover Your Windows

Use window treatments such as drapes and shades to prevent thieves from window shopping into your home. More often than not, burglars check out their target from the outside by peeping into windows to find out if the house is worth breaking into or not.

These are the ways that can help protect your home from burglary. Home security is important, and the best way to improve it is by consulting with a professional locksmith. One will be able to assess the security of your home, and at the same time replace locks when needed.

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